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Danielle Coulanges


Bonjour! Tout va bien?

to my little corner of the online universe!

I offer you a cool glass of lemonade on a sizzling summer day and a steamy cup of tea on a blistery winter day. Are you hungry? I cooked for you. Here, taste my Caribbean chicken. You’ll love my rice and peas.

This is how I would welcome you if you were visiting my home, so c
ome on in. Visit with me in my virtual home as I share with you through my writing and my music.

I offer you a little something to make you smile, something to make you think, and something to lift your spirit. Always, I want you to feel welcomed, loved and valued when you come to my home.

Go ahead, take the house tour. Each room has a special theme. Linger wherever you want. Enjoy! Feel free to share your comments with me before you leave and please tell a friend about me.

Come back soon and visit. I enjoy the company.

Au revoir!

Wishing you sunny days, friendly winds and a safe journey!

God bless.

Danielle Coulanges

Author of

Cads, Princes & Best Friends, A Tale of Lust,

                                                              Love and




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