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Danielle Coulanges was born in the Caribbean island of Haiti and came to New York City as a teenager in the 1970's. She’s had a renaissance career as an entertainer, a fashion designer, business woman, compliance officer and teacher, but music and writing were always in her bones.

Born into a family of musicians and writers—her father was a lawyer, a journalist and musician and several cousins are musicians, one of which a renown guitarist and composer who lives in Paris – Danielle  was introduced to music at an early age. However, she did not consider it as a career until her late teens when she attempted to become the next Josephine Baker—or Diana Ross.

Those aspirations took a detour when she joined forces with a boyfriend to start a fashion business in New York City and fashion became her life for the next decade. When she separated from the boyfriend she created her own label and operated her own business with some success for a few years. She eventually closed the business and went back to corporate work.

Danielle returned to college as an adult and graduated from New Jersey City University with a major in Economics and a minor in English Literature. She worked in the financial services for several years, ten of which were as a Compliance Manager for UBS Financial Services,  a brokerage firm in the New York area.  As a member of the company’s Diversity Committee, she served as the publisher of the Legal Division’s quarterly newsletter and was a featured writer as well. 

In her early forties Danielle re-discovered her love and natural talent for writing and vowed to one day turn that gift into a vocation that would both bring her joy and bless others.

When she traveled to her native Haiti after a twenty-year absence, she wrote “Home Again” a chronicle of the trip that was published as a four-part series in The Haitian Times, a New York paper.  In addition to writing a number of unpublished essays and short stories, Danielle published her first full-length story, Cads, Princes & Best Friends: A Tale of Lust, Love & Redemption, in the spring of 2008.

Danielle currently resides in the Houston, Texas area where she works as a school teacher. 

She is also a songwriter and a member of her church choir at the Light of the World Christian Fellowship in Humble, Texas. She is a former member of the contemporary gospel choir at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In May 2012 Danielle fulfilled her life long dream of being a recording artist when she released the single "We Are One" a song with a strong social message. Her motto “I Live by Faith” is the title of her album of original songs released in November 2012.



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