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The Purpose Room

My purpose for sharing with you is to invite you to believe in the transformative power of faith and to encourage you to experience life to its fullest by confronting the
negative situations that keep you down and having the courage to change.

You can overcome!

            For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, 
            plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

The Butterfly Phenomenon:
Like the larva (caterpillar) that metamorphoses into
a spectacular winged object of beauty, you too can rise above your circumstances
to transform your life into one of beauty and grace.

A butterfly is a work of wonder whose fascinating journey into being offers lessons on the power of transformation. One would not imagine that such a beautiful creature was once what some would call an unsightly worm. But through its stages of growth, the caterpillar acquires varying dimensions to achieve its final glorious self as a butterfly. We, humans, can mirror the butterfly’s transformation to also come to a place of beauty.

The Larval Stage: our Period of Self-Doubt - Born as an egg, the butterfly next goes into its larval stage (caterpillar) where all it does is eat in order to grow. It expands by shedding its outgrown skin several times. As human beings, we should use our larval stage (when we feel weak or unworthy) to feed on knowledge and spiritual understanding, to gain wisdom and prepare for the next phase of our lives. We should also shed our old skin, get rid of the old habits that hold us down in order to grow. 

The Pupa Phase: our Period of Reconstruction - When the larva goes into its pupa phase, it wraps itself into a protective cocoon and it appears that nothing is happening. In fact, inside, a metamorphosis is taking place to shape a brand new creature. What happens is the complete disassembly of the cells that made up the caterpillar and the reassembling of those cells into its new form....a butterfly. This is the period in our human experience when we feel stuck in the mud, when nothing seems to be working. That time should be an opportunity to digest what we’ve learned, process what we know, and reflect on what the true purpose of our life might be. Then, begin the change with a new way of thinking. You cannot do things in the same old way and expect different results.

The Final Stage: our Preparation for Flight -  The last step is the critical phase where the developing butterfly pushes its way out of the cocoon. When the adult butterfly emerges, its wings are soft and folded against its body. It must pump blood into them in order to get them working and flapping. This arduous process strengthens its wings. Should it fail to pump, the wings will not develop, leaving the creature crippled. The final product is a strong yet delicate butterfly, free to fly, that graces us with its awesome beauty.

In human terms this is the make it or break it phase where we need to activate the motivation gained in our cocoon stage. Transformation is a process. The change first happens on the inside, requiring the willingness to alter your course or circumstances. Next, you have to act on it. Move, as you strive for better. Push! Rise above it all. Come out into the light. Then, pump it up with a new attitude, a new way of talking and doing things. Surprise! You are flying baby!



There is a butterfly inside each of us waiting to come out.

The challenge is to recognize that truth with grace and in faith

to experience the transformation. Failing that, some of us remain

in a larva state or emerge with broken wings, unable to take flight

on that beautiful journey called life.


My life story of survival and transformation epitomizes the “Butterfly Phenomenon.” I’ve been transformed by the renewal of my spirit. I’ve been made a new creation in Christ. I’ve been made over by the master designer.

 I invite you to take your own journey into the light. Be a butterfly!

 Danielle Coulanges is a butterfly!

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